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Good books are of no importance nowadays. There was a time when a good writer was respected and given a good status in the society. In ancient times, literature was considered to play an important role in the creation of society. But in today's technological age, as technology advances, people's attachment to good literature is waning. Literature has been reduced to mobiles and only to a select few. The rest of the people are so intimately connected with social media that if they are given a book to read, they smile and put it in a corner of the house and not only take some books but return them. In a word, books are now confined to library shelves. Who is to blame for such thinking? Social media or the technological age?

If you think about it carefully, everyone is responsible for it. Lust and lust are so ingrained in our minds that we can't think of anything else. Something similar has been seen in a Hindi web series. Whose name is Mastram. You can watch this web series on Max Player.

You will find the same thing in this web series. The story of this web series revolves around a writer. The name of this writer is Raja Ram. Who has written a book whose story is based on a woman's feelings. But no publisher is willing to publish his book. Every publisher asks him to write a spicy and funny story. After all, he has to write stories full of lust after losing the situation. Its sales are so high that everyone wants to read his books. In each story, Raja Ram writes about his physical relationship with different women in a literary form which can arouse lust in any person.

Even the oldest person who looks decent from above wants to read Raja Ram's story full of lust. That is the reality of today's society. In everyday life, in front of each other, no matter how many people try to be honest, truthful and good, but their real face is either visible at night or when they are alone. That is the inescapable truth of today. People today do not want literature written by the old writers who wrote literature for the betterment of society. Rather, it requires immediate entertaining literature. People don't care about society, if they care about their entertainment. That is why films and songs full of lust are being produced rapidly and their need is also increasing rapidly. If you haven't seen this web series, you can watch it on Max Player. With this app you can watch movies and web series in Hindi without spending any money. Mastram is one of them.

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