Why are young boys attracted to older women?

The answer to this question is very simple, but also difficult if it is to be understood in detail. Let's talk about both sides of it. First of all, it is important to know why young boys are attracted to older women. There are also two aspects to this. First, if a young person is attracted only to an older woman, then it can be called a mental illness. If a young man is attracted to older women as well as to girls of the same age, then it determines the feelings of his mind as to what kind of women he feels he is enjoying.

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It is often heard that the relationship between today's young boys and girls does not last long. They soon fall apart or the two start fighting or starting to feel a lack. Problems on both sides can also be the cause. If we are talking about youth here then we will understand it by taking the youth side. If a young man has sex with his girlfriend and he is a normal person, then he satisfaction will be achieved but if he wants to take the young  satisfaction beyond that then he expects something different from his girlfriend. Like getting satisfaction with the mouth, or anal sex, there are many other different ways of having sex. So at this stage if the girlfriend supports him then the young man will get happiness. If the girlfriend does not support or opposes then the young man will feel a lack. Which he begins to strive for.

Then the question arises as to why it is necessary to be attracted to an older woman in order to get such satisfaction. One should also be attracted to a peer. Or one should leave and form a relationship with the other instead of an older woman. But that is where the problem lies. Being attracted to an older woman means that she is willing to accept all the things that a young person can do to make him happy. Because when a woman reaches the stage of her youth, she gets to learn a lot from her past life. He used to do many kinds of things which he used to do when he was young, but after his youth those things or any phenomenon become common to him. One of the reasons is that older women do not flirt with young people. Because they are also attracted to young people just to have sex. Now this is a question but we will discuss about it in another article. That is why young and old women only have intercourse whenever they meet. They don't go to the movies or talk on the phone for hours and they don't talk about small things. The only thing they need here is sex. That is why both are attracted to each other very quickly. Second, the body shape of older women becomes a little more beautiful. In time, when a girl becomes a woman, her body parts become bigger and more attractive than before. As a result, young people are attracted to them. The next reason is that older women experience the methods of intercourse, they do not need to say or explain anything, they already know everything.

There are many other reasons why young people are attracted to older women.

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