Why is the incest community growing in the world?

To understand why the Inchest community continues to grow, we first need to know what the Inchest community really is. What does the word incest mean?

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The word incest means always thinking about having sex with a family member such as a parent, sibling or cousin. People with incest feelings are always attracted to their close relationships. They have a feeling of having sex with a special member of their family.

Important Note - Let me tell you that in almost every country in the world it is illegal to have sex with one's own family member and it is a punishable offense.

Now the question arises as to how the feeling of incest arises in a human being. There are many reasons for this. We will briefly discuss all the reasons.

  1. The first reason is not teaching sex to children from an early age. Keeping them away from everything they can learn about sex is also one of the reasons they move towards incest.
  2. Another reason is that children do not have the full support of their parents or siblings. This means that when a child is in infancy he needs siblings to play and parents to learn about worldliness and life. If the child is deprived of these things then his loneliness pushes him towards the wrong company. One of which is the emergence of incest emotion.
  3. The third reason is watching pornographic movies and listening to songs on the internet. Many people say that songs and movies are just for fun. It has no effect on real life. But this fact is completely false, songs and movies have a complete impact on normal life. The way heroes are portrayed in movies these days, every teenager or child begins to think of himself as such. Which is why he wants to get in his real life what he has seen in the movies. But movies and real life are so different that imitation by a child or teenager can have a negative effect.
  4. The fourth reason for this is that parents stop their children from entertaining themselves but enjoy life to the fullest and that too in front of the children. By doing this, as the child grows older, he begins to understand the genitals of both men and women. Due to which when he sees his parent or sibling having sex in his own house, the thought of doing the same comes to his mind. He actually forgets if it's his parents or siblings. All he needs is the joy he sees on their faces.💀
The bottom line is that it is our society, family or many other situations that create incest thinking. Due to which, knowingly or unknowingly, such things are filled in the minds of children or youth by the society or the family. The effect of which is visible after a long time.

The only solution is if we want to create a good society, a good family and a good country then we have to deal with ourselves and the children around us with great tenderness and ease. We need to keep our children away from anything that could affect them. And he should teach every good thing that can make his life happier. By doing so, he will become a follower of certain rules made by the society. By doing so, he will emerge as a good citizen of the country.

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