The Thullu app is a film production of Hindi movies and web series. Our goal is to make entertaining films for the people. Just as Bollywood is for Hindi films, so is Hollywood for English films. There is Tollywood and Kollywood for Tamil or Telugu films, in the same way our production goal is to make Lollywood and make it accessible to all your people.

Lollywood will continue to produce movies, web series and short films.

The Thullu app was launched on April 26, 2020. We produce movies and web series in Hindi language to entertain the audience as per their liking. Our entire team is working day and night on how to make the audience happy.

The Thullu app is headquartered in Chandigarh. Most of our films are shot in Chandigarh. Our foresight is that we will soon open an office in Mumbai as well. We have artist boys and girls from different states. Who perform their art so that you can be entertained.

Every day a lot of artist boys and girls come in contact with us. Everyone wants to know the world, to give them love. The Thulu app gives the artist boys and girls the platform through which they can show their skills to the world. He can captivate the audience through his acting.

Our main goal is to free the audience from the worries and sadness of everyday life. The Thullu app does not produce any film that would offend anyone's personal or religious feelings. The characters and events in the films we make are fictional, even the names used in the films are fictional. So if anyone feels that any image or name of a film we have made matches an event, then we apologize. We will never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings.

If you are also an actor and want to work in Hindi films then contact us and we will give wings to your dreams.


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